NON-MEMBERS Frequently Asked Questions – Help and Support

Here are the most frequently asked questions about our freebies and the Speaking Latino Spanish Teacher Community membership. Click on each question for the answers. If you don't find an answer to your question, please send us a message here:

Jared and Diana

• I have an account with Speaking Latino, and I can't access anything inside the website. Can you help me?

If you created an account to access the free materials, go to the freebies section located here.

Other sections inside the Community website are accessible for monthly and annual members. Click here to know the next opening date and get your email on the invite list to be the first to know.

• Why can't I access anything if I just paid for the membership?

It can take up to 15 minutes for our system to update the settings for new members.

If you had a free account with Speaking Latino and used the same email address to purchase a membership, please log out and log in again so the system can pull your new settings.

If you have any issues logging into the website for the first time, please send us a message to

• I purchased the All-Access Pass, and I can't login. What should I do?

Click here to login to the All-Access Pass for the Spanish Teacher Success Academy or the World Language Teacher Summit.

The Spanish Teacher Community membership is not included in the All-Access Pass.

• How can I get help downloading the free materials?

Send us an email to and include the details about the issue you are having. Including any error message or screenshot is helpful for us to get the issue solved quickly.

• Where can I change the password to access my free account?

You can change your password here.

• I updated my credit card information to restart my membership, but I am still unenrolled. What's happening?

If you've been a member before and your account was already cancelled, please contact us at If you'd like to join again, we will send you a link where you can enroll as a new member. Updating the credit card information will not activate a cancelled membership.

• I want to become a member. Where do I join the Spanish Teachers Community?

The Spanish Teachers Community opens enrolment for new members a few times a year. Click here to know the next opening date and get on the invite list.

• How much does a membership cost?

The monthly membership is $29 and the annual membership is $252 (that's 3 months free!). Both options give you access to all the materials.

• I want to become a member, but I only teach Spanish 1 (2 or 3) and not the other levels?

Whether you teach one level or ALL three, you get access to EVERYTHING. This makes it super helpful to differentiate if you need additional materials or new challenges for your students as the year goes by. Even if you teach only one level, the membership is incredible value. Don't forget about all the other benefits: courses, one-on-one video support, scaffolded cultural activities, cultural and biography presentations, etc.

• Can I use a purchase order? What if I'm not sure if my school will pay for it?

You can use a purchase order to get an annual membership covered, and we can help you get it approved. To start the process and save your spot, click here to request an estimate or invoice to present to your admin.

• What formats are the lessons in?

Everything is digital, created in Word/Google docs, PDF’s, PowerPoints or Google Slides so, you can download them and add them to your classroom management platform (Google Classroom, Canvas, Microsoft Teams, etc.)

If you are a Google Suite user, rejoice! Almost every lesson and resource have the supporting files linked inside the document for you to “create a copy” to your Drive.

If you use Microsoft, all the supporting files are available for you to individually download from the Community website. Everything is well organized in folders so you can easily find what you need.

• If I join now, what do I get next month? How do I know what lessons I'll get each month?

You get access to absolutely EVERYTHING once you join. It doesn’t matter if you join monthly or annually, you get access to ALL the lessons and decide what you need most right now. While other services make you wait months by "dripping" your access to the materials, that's not the case with our Community. There’s no need to wait months to access all our materials.

• Do you have readings?

Yes! Use the search option and type in “reading comprehension” and you will get 50+ scaffolded cultural activities for novice, intermediate, and advanced students.

• Is there a way to download everything at once for the entire year?

The lessons are designed to be downloaded and used as you need them. Each lesson plan includes many supporting files. The files are big, and we are talking about thousands of pages. We constantly work to update the resources, add new materials, and to always keep things working smoothly. So, download what you need when you need it to ensure you always have the most up-to-date version of resources without becoming overwhelmed. Otherwise, you'd end up with no space on your computer and outdated files.

• How can I get help?

The best and quickest way to reach us is via email at Jared, Diana, and other members of our team receive these messages.

If you need tech support, help accessing or finding something inside the website, you can schedule a member video call with us and share screens for more personalized attention. You have that option inside your profile menu after you join. 

• Where can I see some samples of your activities?

We have full lesson plans, samples, and other materials available for teachers to try in class in our Freebies section. You can access the Freebie Bundle by creating a free account here. We add new materials regularly!

• Do you have a refund policy if I purchase the membership and then don't want it?

Yes, there’s a 30-day moneyback guarantee for monthly or annual memberships. If you are not satisfied with the Community, just cancel your membership, and send us a message to request your refund. It’s that easy.

• Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your membership by logging in to your account and filling out the form here. Then check your email for a confirmation message.

• Do I need to purchase anything not included in your lessons?

No. Everything is built around free materials and resources. In some of the activities, small items you may already have in your classroom (such as dice, poster board, rulers, etc.) may be used.

• Do I need access to the Internet during class to use these materials?

Access to the Internet during class certainly makes it easier to use all the recommended resources. You need access to the Internet to obtain many of the necessary materials. Most of them may be downloaded on your computer however you need to be wary of copyright laws.

• Will this work with Canvas, Google Classroom, or other platforms that my school requires us to use?

Yes, this will work with any platform as long as it allows you to upload files for you to use.

• Are the materials in the Speaking Latino Spanish Teachers Community created for use with students of any age?

The Lesson Plans and activities were designed for middle, high school, or adult students. For the moment we don’t offer these resources for elementary school or young students. If you are looking for an elementary curriculum, we have a list of recommendations here.

• How quickly can I find and access the lessons I need? I really don't have the time to browse around.

We make it simple for our annual and monthly members to get right to what they need with our clickable Daily Pacing Guides and Class Guides. Just select the material you would like and with one click, you're taken right to it!

• Are these lessons and resources aligned to the standards in my state?

All core lesson plans are aligned with ACFTL standards which cover most states and even needs from school districts around the world. We've also written the Can-Do Statements for you.

• How long are the lessons designed to take?

In a traditional school setting, each day's lesson is designed for about a 45 to 60-minute class period. Here's an example of what it is:

  • Activator (a.k.a. bell ringer)

  • Lesson Slides to teach with

  • Worksheets and handouts for students

  • Practice part which could be small group or independent practice

  • An exit ticket

  • Assessment

The above is just an example of a typical structure, however you may adapt them to your needs, removing portions or adding optional extensions. We also offer a suggested Block Schedule Pacing Guide which helps manage longer classes

• What if I teach Heritage speakers? 

For Heritage speakers that may need extra support with certain areas, you can incorporate resources from our upper levels and use the 70+ Scaffolded Cultural Activities included, which we have found to be great for heritage speakers.

• Do you have resources for elementary students?

The lesson plans and activities were designed for middle, high school, or adult students. For the moment we don’t offer these resources for elementary school or younger students. If you are looking for elementary curriculum, we have a list of recommendations here.